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What We Do

Welcome to the Isle of Man Community Foundation

The Isle of Man Community Foundation is a new initiative to develop effective

philanthropic giving on the Island.

We provide a range of services to individuals, family trusts and businesses to help them to make their local charitable donations more effective.

We support local charities by providing new sources of funding to help them achieve their long term strategic goals to make the Isle of Man one of the best places to live.

Locals helping locals.
Locals helping locals.

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Community funding
Community funding

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Local projects, locally identified
Local projects, locally identified

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Locals helping locals.
Locals helping locals.

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Give Locally.

Local Philanthropy

Our research shows that there are generous, philanthropically minded individuals and

families on the Island who would like to make a difference to their local community.

We provide a way for local people to make strategic investments into projects that interest or concern them in a way that is very cost effective and has a lasting impact.

If you could like to find out more about local giving

please contact us.

Why Give Locally?

There is a hidden need of social deprivation on the Island.

Behind our beautiful Island and our tight knit community, we experience the same set of social problems as the UK.

Considering the cuts to government spending and that local charities are struggling to meet the demand placed on them, we think it is time for a change.

We think it is time for local philanthropy to play a bigger

role in helping everyone to live better lives on the Island.

Giving locally gives you the chance to be personally

involved and see the difference your contribution makes.

How we help you to give

We listen to you and help to find the right options to meet your interests and


Your donation will be effective because we understand the local needs and charity landscape from both the large organisations to the grassroots


You can either remain anonymous or join our network of like-minded




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